KITS - Diamond Brands

Another warhorse from the TIDC India Stable, the Diamond Moped Kit is the combination of Fine Blanked Gear Box Socket an electroplated rear wheel to increase corrosion resistance and mild steel chain. This combination of chains and sprockets ensures trouble free fitment and performance for smooth running of mopeds.


Diamond Racing Special

The old war-horse from TIDC India is the value for money chain sprocket kit with a mild steel chain and gearbox sprocket that ensures a trouble free ride for its user who wishes to get maximum bang from their buck. This offering from TIDC India is the best possible offering in the market of branded kits, which delights every user of 100CC bikes.


Diamond Duro

The new moped kit from TIDC India with a unique patented alloy steel chain design and 16 Mncr5 fine blanked gear box sprockets delivers at least 30 % more life than normal moped chain kits. This enables mopeds to carry heavy load without adversely affecting the chain life and is proving to be a enduring brand for moped riders.


Diamond Legend '0' Rring Kits

This special chain and sprocket kit for the rugged bullet contains a chain with a uniquely designed rubber '0' ring seal made up of a special rubber, which prevents the lubricant between the pin and the bush from spilling out. As such this special '0' ring always prevents the wear of the pin and thus reduces elongation of the chain in the most rough driving condition thereby increasing the life of the chain by at least 3 times compared to the regular/normal bullet chain. This chain combined with the special Black cast iron sprocket offers a kit to suit the rough driving conditions of a bullet